Essential Balance Physical Therapy

Essential Balance Physical Therapy was created for the purpose of restoring individuals to their highest level of pain free movement.

The human body is designed to work but imbalances can occur in our everyday lives. It's not your fault, it's part of being human. Muscles and bones can hurt because of these imbalances. We treat the whole body when treating you. Every imbalance in your body affects how your whole body works, for instance, a sprained ankle can result in a rotator cuff tear. We want to see you before that occurs, or neck discomfort turns into numbness and tingling in your hand. We look to find the cause of your symptom and treat it, not treat the symptom itself.

How we do this is unique to our practice. We look at both the orthopedic and neurological systems to find the cause of the injury and then we implement effective treatment plans that we have designed that affect both systems, giving you superior outcomes.

We do this because we believe that all functional motions result from a balance of strength (core and extremities) and agility (nerves and muscles).

Then we go further by helping you integrate your orthopedic and neurological systems for continued strength and conditioning.

The only course of treatment we follow is the one that leads to true wellness.

Pathways to True Wellness

Balanced Stones